About The Needle

Welcome to The Needle!

The Needle is a collaborative website where creators of quality plush can share their work. We straddle that line between art and craft, leaping back and forth willy nilly as it suits us.

During the past few years there has been an explosive boom of DIY indie crafts where oodles of folks discovered the art of handmade plush making. Way back in January 2008 Absolutely Small shop owner, Claire Chambers, had an idea to create a gathering place for these handmade plush makers. She founded the world's first collaborative plush blog, The Needle, where members come together to display their work.

Fast forward four years later and The Needle is still going strong. With over 150 members and over 600 blog followers, many folks are still finding their way to this artistic medium.
The Needle exists as an online space for members to share their handmade plush creations and to celebrate and explore the world of handmade art plush. We're very glad that you found your way here!

Contact The Needle at: theneedleblog at gmail dot com.


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