Friday, January 25, 2008

bout time for some new stuff

Hey guys!
Thought it was about time to show off some new things I've been making.
But first I just wanted to say AWESOME STUFF. Really. So many fantastic plush babes up in here!

I recently have loved making these sort of blob cats I invented, hahahThis is Ivory Von Kittlesworth. (Duh?) The newest of my kitties. I drew on him with my tablet, to show him in his everyday life. He enjoys the finer things. Cigars, monacles, caviar, top hats, the works.

Here are his other distinguished cats! On the left, the not-so-distinguished bananacat, in the middle, Tigerton Kittlesworth, and on the right, the first distinguished kitty, Bluregard Kittington!

1 comment:

jenni said...

Great cats! Love what you did with Ivory. :)


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