Monday, January 28, 2008

first post first post

hi. i am olivia from montreal, canada. i make things like this:and this:
and this:
and sometimes this:
i stitch all my creatures and things by hand and i'm totally obsessed with it. i sew while doing everything from watching tv to eating breakfast to lurking facebook. i'm sure many of you know the feeling. ANYWAY, i am super stoked to be here amongst you obviously talented and awesome people. you can keep up with my stuff on my blog: felt like crying. i look forward to sharing with you and squealing with delight over even more of your fantastic creations in the future!


Ms Frapcious said...

i like them.

Marisa Bogg said...

Very cool! I like their shoes

Claire said...

All by hand? Amazing!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous softies! I particularly love the bears with the people inside :-)

Denika said...

OMG these are awesome. I am super jealous.


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