Friday, January 18, 2008


I had some busy weeks in this new year! Made two new Fluffels.

The first one is named Bruno. Bruno loves to watch videogames. His favorite game is Zelda. He would like to play them too, but his feet are to short to hold a controller. But he enjoys watching people act silly when playing games.

He was inspired by bulldogs and pugs:)

This is Love Devil, he is a bit confused. His favorite hero is Cupid and he dreams of being just like him.But watch out, he is a bit more selfish. He doesn't want to share your love, he wants you all for himself!


Aloutka said...

I adore Fluffels for quite a long time - they are perfectly designed and crafted. And they are irresistably cute!

Cruddlies & Co. said...



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