Thursday, January 10, 2008

Hello everyone!

Wow, I feel honored to be a part of this group of wonderful plushie creators! You may know me as the weirdbuglady, and I like to play around on my sewing machine when I'm procrastinating from homework.

My specialty is my Pocket Monster design... use them to keep goodies in their mouths. This is one of my favorites:
And I've made some goodies for Valentine's day, they're so much fun!

I'm excited to keep up with this site and see all the great creations :)


Cruddlies & Co. said...

cool skunk! is he felt?
we did one named poe pourri a while back.
he's a chef.

WeirdBugLady said...

He's actually made out of fleece (though the heart is felt). I make nearly everything using fleece, or cool materials I find at the thrift store.

Yours is pretty cool, cruddlies :)

Dre Dre said...

Gotta say I love that Skunk ;)


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