Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Hello, from Pineapples!

Hey there, I'm Lesley-Anne of Hello Pineapples, Nova Scotia. I've been making sock monkeys for a few years, but have only recently ventured onto the web with them. And since December, I've been branching out into other plush creatures, such as the Luck Cat:


and Mr. Peacekeeper Potatohead:

Mr. Peacekeeper Potato-head

I made the potato after hearing that the UN declared this year to be the International Year of the Potato, which I found to be a completely ridiculous idea. So I guess the potato was my first attempt at a political plush statement.

When I'm not creating plush creatures, I'm writing a thesis about Veronica Mars. But plush creatures are so much more fun than school - which is why I'm really excited to be posting here.

1 comment:

ChristinaWard said...

I love the UN Potato. Really.


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