Thursday, January 17, 2008


Hi I'm jellibat.
jellistein 6Tas monkeybox jellifish purple
Grr Bear 3jelli burlesque pollygrey Vanger Dust Bunny

I'm a plush maker from Melbourne , Australia.
I sew and crochet toys (though I have found lately that more sewn plush is being created. :)

I've been making plush for a while but after a few bits and pieces way back in my art school days, I picked up the toy making bug again a few years ago.

you can see my last few years progress to now though this collection of pics toy gallery
newer things are seen on my flickr
and at my etsy account
and my blog is at


vagrant aesthetic said...

tassels rock!
I always thought your work was super cute.

Cruddlies & Co. said...

i've seen your stuff on flickr before, i love the tasseled burlesque plush.
haven't seen the two headed monkey before, though, he's awesome!

dredredoll said...

your stuff rules!


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