Thursday, January 31, 2008

My name is Jeannette and I'm a plush-aholic

About a year ago I started making blankets from felted woolen sweaters. Yes, I got the idea from Martha, whom I usually can't stand because all of her projects SOUND simple but are really really hard to execute. My friends and I have tried many times to gather and create one of her projects and every time we leave the project on the table and scream "Martha Stewart SMOKES CRACK!"

Anyway, I digress...

Soon the blankets became a bit tedious and I had a TON of felted sweaters. I'm not exactly sure where the idea to make stuffed animals came from, perhaps Martha again? But soon a chick and a pig were born (Does anyone remember the chick and the duck from Friends?). At my first craft/art show ever they were the first to go. And I was sad to see them go, I had unknowingly become attached. That night I went home and started some more chickens and this time some fish. The fish are certainly what did it. I started with elephants and then cats. I've made two giraffes which I wasn't in love with, but both found good homes. I've also tried mice and bunnies, both were miserable failures (though my dog loved them).

Frogs are going to be my next venture. I have a lovely soft green cashmere sweater to make them from. Cashmere doesn't felt well (it kinda shreds in the washing machine), but it makes really great "skin" for my animals. It is so soft and so easy to manipulate.

None of my animals (save one) have ever had facial features. I don't know why, I just like the look (and safety) of no eyes, noses or mouths. I didn't even know the word "Waldorf" until someone suggested that they reminded her of the Waldorf dolls. But I suppose they do have that sort of quality. The owner of my stuffie will have to use her imagination to fill out those features.

Recently I finished the little elephant above. I have discovered not too long ago, that striped sweaters make the sweetest animals. Who doesn't love stripes? Well, ok, I don't like them if I have to WEAR them. But on an elephant? So cute.

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Claire said...

Oh, man- I have the same problem with Martha's recipes. They DO NOT turn out for me. Anyway, cute elephant!


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