Monday, January 28, 2008

Plush Swap!!

Ok, after such a great response, I'm finally getting around to this. Are you guys ready to swap?! First, some quick guidelines....

1. I will start taking entries today. You'll have until next Sunday, Feb. 3, to send me your info. On Monday, Feb. 4, I'll send everyone the name and address of the name I drew for them. Please keep this secret. This will work kind of like secret Santa. The surprise will be fun. The person you're creating a softie for will not be the same person who's sending one to you.

2. The theme of the swap is location. What you create should relate to where you live. Obviously, this is pretty broad. Have fun with it. You'll have 3 weeks to create your toy. It must be mailed between Feb 18- Feb. 25. Some of these will be traveling internationally, so keep that in mind.

3. Lastly, please don't ask to participate unless you have every intention of completing the task. Obviously, it would be very disappointing for whoever you were assigned.

Ok! If you're still interested, send your name and address to If you would like to include a message for the person who's drawing your name (for example..."I'm allergic to mohair" or "I'm scared of robots") feel free!

Have fun!


I AM said...

Can blog readers participate too, or is this only for blog members? I don't sell my stuff, but I am a sewer and love to make an occasional stuffie.

Caffaknitted said...

This swap is open to anyone interested.


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