Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Rabbit wanted to say hi.

Hey everyone! I'm Candi of Electric Daisy fame (well, at least in my own mind) and I am so happy to be part of this blog. I'm still fairly new to the Plush world, but I already admire many of  your creations. Let me just say  I've ordered my first 'Skull Bunny' from Spooky Daddy Toys, and can hardly stand the excitement while I wait for his arrival...I have a thing for rabbits.
OK, back to me. I make several different styles of plush, depending on my mood, but my favorite is Rabbit. Speaking of Rabbit, he asked me to tell you all 'hi.' That said we can move on. I have always loved plush. As a child I had so many my Dad had to build me a special huge wooden toy box to fit them, I mean huge like the size of a twin bed. In fact, I used to nap in the toy box with all my plush. It was squishy and full of plush love. I've recently returned to my plush love on account of all the mass produced dribble in stores today. I have four children and when I went toy shopping for them I couldn't believe what was available. Mindless, imagination ending dribble. So here I am. Back to where I started, in love with plush. 
Oh, speaking of love, Rabbit says he thinks he loves you.

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