Saturday, January 5, 2008

Sweet! Thanks for the invitation to The Needle...

Like the rest of y'all, I too make softies--I love using reclaimed and thrifted materials and other stuff that people pawn off on me because it is too small, too ugly, too old...then I off I go with my scissors and make things like this here little chicken whcih was made from a thrifted wool tweed suitcoat, and the little hat was made from the cuff of a sweater and the scarf from some other felted sweater scrap I had laying around in my workshop...thanks for inviting me to be part of the club!


Kari said...

hey hey, bebe, good to meet you!

and your chickie-babe is adorable! love that hat.

Aloutka said...

hi Beeper Bebe, your chicken is cool - but you know it already.
It's great to meet you here.


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