Monday, January 28, 2008

Updates from the PLUSHED show at Purdue University

A bunch of the members of The Needle sent work to the PLUSHED art show. And the organizers have been pretty awesome with keeping us all updated.
They've put a bunch of photos of the space up on their Flickr site.
They've even listed all the plush that is for sale at the show at (I know, I know, no selling!'s collaborative? It' Meh.)
Word on the street is the show has been very well received locally. Hooray!
If anyone has any show tips/updates/etc. that they'd like to shout to the world (or the tiny fragment of the world that reads this blog, anyway), feel free to email them over to me at and I'll get them posted.

1 comment:

trinlayk said...

Ooooh I wish I knew about this soon enough to send something in!

My parents live close enough to Purdue that they could go see the show.


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