Thursday, January 31, 2008

What the...

I'm so totally freaked out right now.
I just received the following message from my mother on my voicemail:

Listen here!
(sorry about how quiet it is... turn up your speakers... it was the loudest I could record it at!)

I can't really make it all out. Please listen and tell me what you think is happening.

I can hear my Mom saying:

"Hey! Hurry you got to get in the car! Leave!"

Then you can hear my Dad yell in the background... I think he is screaming:

"Wha... What's that on the sewing machine?"

I don't know what is going on and I'm really scared.

I keep trying to call them and it goes straight to their voice-mail. It snowed a lot in Saint Louis tonight... so I can't leave the city to drive some 70 miles to my parents house. I hope they are okay. I'll wait it out and see if I hear from them by morning.

Please... listen to the message...
Let me know if you hear anything different.


trinlayk said...

Is there someone, like one of their neighbors you can call and have someone check on them?

I heard the car part, but couldn't hear the sewing machine part. My hearing is pretty crummy.

Hope they're ok...

G-sid said...

Kind of sounds like your dad is saying:

What the Hell is wrong with me.

Strange regardless.
I hope they're okay.

I'm sure they will call tomorrow and everything will be fine!

MayaBella said...

Weird... I hope they are alright as well. Can you call the local police station and ask them to stop by and check?

Anonymous said...

I have a hard time taking this seriously!

Come one. What sort of idiot would post on a Plush Blog before calling the cops?

Claire said...

Never underestimate the power of the blog.
That said, Mr. Crammed, please check in and let us know how things are!

April S. said...

Is this a joke?
I seriously can't believe the admin hasn't taken this down.

Something's behind this... I just know it.

Anonymous said...

On the sewing machine? Please do keep us posted.

Anonymous said...

he could be saying "on the sewing machine!" if you really push it.


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