Friday, February 1, 2008

Amigurumi Owl

Amigurumi Owl-Day8, originally uploaded by MayaBella.

Well if you had noticed I normally work with fur,fleece,felt and other fuzzy materials over here at MayaBella but I had a hankering to crochet. In college I spent many an hour listening to studies on tape while making scarves and beanies. But this time around I wanted to try the Amigurumi. Before Etsy I didn't even know what they were and still now are not really sure how to pronounce them but they are darn cute!! I've been having tons of fun coming up with cute little creatures. It is addicting! The owl was the first thing I tried as I am an owl feign!

1 comment:

dollsforfriends said...

Great work Shannon, as always, so cute!! I love the purple.


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