Saturday, February 2, 2008


What's become of me?

"Cute" used to be a blasphemous word to me. Tomboy to the core, my pink walls (hey, I liked the color when I was four years old) got covered in pictures cut out from National Geographic and other nature magazines. Mostly bugs, snakes and frogs. If anyone said I looked "cute", I'd snarl and quickly change into something more becoming to me, like grass stained jeans and a bug covered t-shirt. Dresses and skirts? Forget it. Dolls? No freaking way.

I'm still totally into the creepy crawlies, heck I'm studying zoology in college right now, but somehow "cuteness" has snuck into my life. I no longer consider pink to be the color of evil. And the creations in my etsy shop have an attraction that even I can't deny.

I made this snail the other day out of some scrap fabrics I had laying around, and well, darn, it's kinda cute.
Oh well. My name, "the weird bug lady", still fits!


Net said...

I'm sorry to have to tell you but that snail is just so damn cute!

Your post made me laugh! I totally identify with your confusion. In my early teens I used to hide in my room and not let anyone in because I was Sewing in there - how shameful! What if someone found out and thought I was girly! Ugghhh!

Danielleorama said...

*snail kiss*

trinlayk said...

All god's creatures has got cute...
depending on how we find our space of acceptance.

Been researching and pondering "rules of cute" and find that sometimes the rule is really about the perceiver more than about the perceived.

That I go "eeeeeeEEEE" like a little girl when I find a centipede in the bathtub, doesn't mean the centipede can't be cute.

WeirdBugLady said...

trinlayk, I think centipedes are totally cute! Especially the ones with the really long legs. They are vicious little things, but awesome.

Claire said...

I think the snail is cute! But, then, I think all snails are cute- except when they eat my plants.

Annie said...

I love the simplicity of it. Genius! Reminds me of Kermit the frog.


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