Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Kanitschiwa`s!

Hi there my dear Plush Addicts,
this is my first blogpost i hope that it will work out somehow : )

Today I would like to introduce you to one member of "The Kanitschiwa`s!".


The Kanitschiwa`s are a group of spiritual leaders and ascended masters who are on "Mission Possible" on Planet Earth. They came here in stuffed animal from in order to do their job inconspicuously and silent. It is their passion and joy to be teachers for the otherwise slightly silly human species. The Kanitschiwa`s live in in burrows, on trees and sometimes behind cliff formations but most of all they live in your imagination. They are looking forward to be adopted by you to share their wisdom with you on a daily and nightly basis because it is their duty to help you understand concepts like selflove, playfullness, sweetness and other stuff like that.

Today i will introduce you to one member of the Kanitschiwa`s...Professor Adam:

Professor Adam is to be considered the Macho of the Kanitschiwa Circle. He likes to present himself in many roles but most likely in the role of being a real male know-it-all smartass. It is true that he holds a lot of wisdom to share and that he actually has made quite a lot of experiences on earth and above. As an example he loves to tell the story of how he got trapped behind a garden fence once because the other members of the Kanitschiwa Circle forgot him there and so he got stuck there for more than many thousand lifetimes!!!!!! Anyway...Professor Adam can be described as a clever, arrogant, proud and extrmely loving being who calls himself a professor but is more known as a wonderful Dude who will always be there for you when you need him....if he is not too busy with one of his many affairs in Paris.

Not too far from now I shall introduce you to the other members of the Kanitschiwa`s.
I hope you enjoyed our little story.
Much Love,


greenstarstudio said...

oh! i think he's super sweet. he looks really soft.

Ms Frapcious said...

I love his paws!

Nevertidy said...

so adorably There.

Kanitschiwa's! They are close kin to the hero dolls!
Avatars in sheeps clothing, lovingly coaching us back to remembering!
(did you meet the heroes in my video yesterday?)

they are all here to help!

i love it i love it

Claire said...

Oh, he is wonderful!

Mr Crammed said...

Beautiful! I want to elope with him!

Aloutka said...

Lovely story! Plushie is great but I don't know if I don't like the story more :) Maybe it's typical - we love our plushes for the extra-something they bring to our imagination.
Great fun, looking forward some more Kanitschiwas


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