Monday, February 4, 2008

I should be over winter animals :-(

I should be over them... but here is one last bash.
How do you brand your work? I wanted to create some kind of link. So I came up with this funny fimo pill thingy.

a wibit


Barbara Prime said...

I worried about that too, at first. The idea I came up with was to carve a tiny stamp with a logo, then stamp small pieces of ribbon which I can sew onto my toys. This is much cheaper than having tags made, and I can make more whenever I need them.

q.D.paToOtieS said...

These are so cute - I just love them!!! And I also love your fimo pill "thingy." I use Shrinky Dinks myself that you can run through your ink jet printer. Makes a lovely tag and fun too!

loveandasandwich said...

i just fold watercolor paper in half, and cut out bear/bunny/cat faces, and hand draw little faces onto them! then i shove a needle through both sides, and sew it to the butt of each plush.

greenstarstudio said...

no... no, we should NEVER be "over" winter animals. not when they are that sweet!

Jellibat said...

i have embroidered fabric name tags that i order online and i sew on , or into, my things.


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