Thursday, February 14, 2008

Kumpel Dolls

I created a new plush! Kumpel Doll – the doll that is a friend! (Kumpel = german for friend, pal…) She is a great company and will keep you happy all day long!

I’m so happy with this new design. I got inspired when I was working and came across with a picture of a unicellular organism (yes, being a biologist is weird!). This orange cutie is my first... many to come, I'm really liking this design and all the variations possibilities!

yay! :)


1 comment:

Aloutka said...

Hi, funny toys! You seem to start new phase in plush making, aren't you? Congratultions and best wishes.
But I wanted to say something about word "kumpel" - it's used also in Polish, exactly the same meaning, "a pal" - propably German influence :) - and I agree, it's a perfect name for a toy!


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