Sunday, February 24, 2008

Labels for Plushies?

Hi everyone - I've been searching the web for weeks now trying to find a company that would do a good, inexpensive job of making brand labels for my Flaky Friends. I know a bunch of you have labels on your creatures - any great recommendations for who I should use or avoid? I just want a simple sew on tag/strip with my brand name and a website address. I only need one color. I feel like there are so many companies out there that it might be more time effective to just ask the pros. Anyone?


Eva said...

i used wovina. reasonable, simple and pretty fast shipping considering it's coming from the UK. it's the first time i've had labels made, but i went off of a recommendation someone else had posted... and i liked them.

Hollywood said...

Thanks, Eva! I'll check them out.

Old School Acres said...

I've had good luck with


Here are some other companies:

Danielleorama said...

I second, they were cheap, shipped fast and exactly what I wanted!

lucykate crafts... said...

i use cash's,

they are uk based but ship worldwide, good quality labels, and fairly cheap, about £12.50 for 144.

sugarcreekstuff said...

I have been happy with , they have the strips and are nice. I get 70 for around $24 but have other quantities and deals. I hope this helps


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