Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I've been ill since getting home from the sci fi con...nothing contagious or anything... but I've caught a case of "stupid fever" or something.

I mailed off my exchange package yesterday. All nicely packed in a priority box, addressed, taped shut etc... (It DOES have my return address on it...) and NO postage.

Postman tells me it will just come back to me, and I can try it again. Hopefully it gets back to me really fast.
So my giftee's box will be a little later than I planned.

If you get a box from me postage due, PLEASE tell me, and I'll send $ to cover the postage.

I'm going back to bed now... Oh dang! I had forgotten to pick up salt for the driveway yesterday too... Am I even safe to drive?


trinlayk said...

This is me, some time later, pondering if I should just make another stuffie... and have someone I love and trust do the mailing part...

I've been trying not to spazz out since the midnight realization... and called the Post Office today, and they said, "don't worry your box will come back to you, so you can try again..."

but I'm the queen of spazzy...

Claire said...

Yikes! Get well soon...I'm sure it will all turn out ok.


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