Wednesday, February 6, 2008

An otherwise "Eh" Dog

I've not heard from my parents as of 12:00pm today, Wednesday, February 06, 2008.

I've come to a bit of a dead end with clues.

I became very depressed last night... so I attempted to consume my time by working on a new plush animal. Here is the result:

I'm pretty pleased with how he turned out... especially since I'm still really upset about my parents. I'm sure otherwise he's just an "eh" dog.

I'm going to make a trip to my parents house in the next few days to look for some clues.

Keep your eyes open! If you find anything... let me know.

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G-sid said...


I found that
has similar posts in their blog... including an image that says "They Are Coming". Also the guy in the video is the same guy in all of the Cranky vids... which leads me to believe this is a Cranky Yellow sponsored project.


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