Saturday, February 2, 2008

Yesterday was stressful

I still haven't heard from my parents as of 12:00pm today.
(please visit my site for all the information)

There was a loud knock at my door yesterday morning around 7:00am. When I answered it I found a basket containing all of the plush my mother and myself had made... but no footprints nearby.

I immediately called the police and filed a report, along with placing a missing persons report.
I decided to snap a few photos before the police came for the evidence.

The part that really makes my skin crawl is the tiny little stuffed animal that was added in. It's holding a sign that says: THEY ARE COMING

I have no idea what it means. The Police have it now, along with the basket... but they released the rest of the plush for me to take to the show tonight.

I'm seriously stressing out... and the show is going to awful.

I've decided to transform my website in to a personal investigation of these events.

I'm going to do some digging around when I have time...

Please help out and keep your eyes peeled for any information that may be related to these occurrences.

Thank you.


Angelo S said...

I think I had a dream about this once.

Keep us posted.
I'll check your website for updates!

Ms Frapcious said...

hmmm, sounds like a winged caper to me. any feathers nearby? come to think of it, there have been some strange goings on with birds in my neck of the woods. excessive chirping...almost mechanical...

Anonymous said...

Wait what? I'm so confused.
Is this serious?

Danielleorama said...

I'm clearly missing something and too lazy to investigate further!

Gally said...

Let us know if anything else happens. This is a tid-bit interesting.


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