Friday, March 14, 2008


d'wayne, originally uploaded by nervousonion.

meet d'wayne. he is an aspiring hand model that enjoys greek folk dancing, turnips, and sorting bottle caps by color.

d'wayne is currently creating a full scale diorama of his home state of delaware from flax seeds and discarded rubber bands.

d'wayne was the captain of his high school miniature golf team.

d'wayne has hand drawn a coloring book based on the 1989-1993 seasons of "One Life To Live". He considers this their "golden age".


jenni said...

D'wayne sounds like one busy fella. Love his stripes.

dollsforfriends said...

So great! I love this guy, he's awesome!!!

Caffaknitted said...

Is Dwayne single?? I just happen to know a girl...let's call her "fraffaknitted", who shares many of his interests.

Anonymous said...

thanks, everyone.

caffa: if your friend "Fraffaknitted" would like to set up a playdate with d'wayne, she can always get in touch with our mutual friend...ahem..."bETSY"

nudgenudgewinkwink :)


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