Monday, March 3, 2008

Easter Chick Candy Container

This is one of my Easter Chick Candy Containers. It's made from hand dyed sparse mohair, stands about 5 inches on top of the box, has German glass dark amber eyes, waxed wired legs (my own invention) and stands on top of a hand painted box. They are very time consuming but a lot of fun to make. Just a little sign that Easter is drawing near.

And speaking of Easter, I am sponsoring an Easter Parade on my Blog. I don't feature any of my own work in the Parade, it's totally free to enter and all for the joy of promoting Plush as an art form. There are prizes given out for the top entry in each category. The top entry is decided by the people who tune in to read my Blog at a poll that I set up at the end of the Parade. Anyone who is interested can read about it here or join my Flickr! group. I also sponsor a Thanksgiving Day Parade in the fall and I'm thinking about one more event for the summer but since it's still in it's primitive stages (i.e. still being tossed around in the ol' gray matter), I don't want to give any details yet.

Have a great day!


Bronwyn said...

It's adorable, I love the little owls below too.

'Cuz I Felt Like It! said...

How pretty! That is the sweetest little chick!


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