Saturday, March 8, 2008

Lobster in plush

He was mailed last week and hopefully he'll arrive at his new home any day now; until then, I wanted to share my addition to the swap:

lobster, chilled

Seeing as I come from a place where you can buy a McLobster in the summer, a lobster seemed more appropriate than a sock monkey (monkeys in the Maritimes are few and far between).

Just before I finished him off, I received this adorable little guy:


Meet Bucky! He's from Ohio and gets his name from the Ohio State Buckeyes. He's one of Moogan's awesome creations. He spends his days hanging out on the mantle with my random creations and seems to be fitting in just fine:

bucky and clem

Next to Bucky is Clem, one of my sock experiments.


dredredoll said...

Love the lobsters and Bukcy. Zippermouths are my faveorite. Can his mouth be used for a storage pouch?

Hollywood said...


Nice work! I love the photo shoot location and the rubber bands and the perfect finishing touch :)

takinanap said...

nice sock experiment with your little guy, clem!

'Cuz I Felt Like It! said...

That lobster is fantastic! What a great picture too!


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