Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Mikhail Chickenpants

There's something...different about Mikhail, don't you think? I mean, he's a super nice guy and everything, but...
I think it's his eyes. They just don't seem...chicken. You know, I think Mikhail is actually a *robot*!

He's the only Chickenpants with safety eyes. I felt like trying something new...and I think the results are a bit creepy, but in a nice way. What do you think?

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Hollywood said...

He may be a robot, but he's got rocking taste in pants. I don't think even Sting could pull those off!

As far as safety eyes, the plain ones can be kind of soul-less but the Chez Michelle Designs "Suncather Eyes." She hand paints the backs tons of great, bright colors and because the color doesn't go all the way through, they really pop. Plus they are a pretty good price. I use her stuff on all my "safe" animals.


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