Thursday, March 27, 2008

monsters monsters monsters monsterssss

my absolute favorite thing to sew is big adorable, fuzzy monsters.

Then, my second favorite thing to do is make up stories for them, as if they were a real creature. In my imagination, they're very real. :D :DThis is Ponto the Pocket Mouthed Monster
What is he, you ask? well, he's not a monkey, a cat, or even a bear. He's his very own breed of animal, the Pontacio. Found only under the waterfalls of Argentina they feed on tiny fish that fall down the falls, and like to swim, propelling their limbless bodies by spinning their tails like they were a tiny, furry motorboat.

My Little Monster: Folo
Folos are a breed of monster most misunderstood by humans. Born with a heavy underbite, it make them look dangerous, and even angry. But the Folos are very gentle, quiet creatures. Their spots above their eyes will glow different colors as they feel different emotions. Blue, for sad. Green, for frightened. And red, for love. They are rarely ever angry.
This one would like to give you a flower

and last but not least, my favorite... Weeko!
Weekos are extremely excitable creatures. Usually found in the white sands of tropical islands such as Bermuda and Hawaii, tripping tourists and grabbing their toes. They love to dance and often sneak in to local clubs in ladies purses, and boogie down until they pass out, and are found the next morning, curled up and sleeping under a barstool.

more views of them at my Flickr!


Do said...

Those creatures are awesome! :D

q.D.paToOtieS said...

I love all of them but especially Weeko! Who wouldn't love a little monster who fits in your purse and loves to boogie!

jenni said...

I love Weeko!

Marisa Bogg said...

These are really original and cute too!


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