Monday, March 17, 2008

New Monster Babes


Rocko (recycled from a hoodie)


I went home for my spring break week and my mom and I went to this really busy estate sale and I got boxes of supplies for monsters like this bow on my Emily monster. There are about 8 bows in this box I got for $1. If you have garage sales and estate sales around you go to them! You never know. I think Dwight is rather hilarious with his little hairs. I bought that faux fur fabric to make a puppet, which I did but I used a scrap piece for his hair and it makes me laugh.
Go Monsters Go!


Evi said...

I was just bored, so I clicked NEXT BLOG and there you were. I just thought I would say I think you are very creative and talented.
I remeber seeing an article in a 'MARTHA' kids magazine where they fashion a doll from a childs drawings...I always thought that would be such a thoughtful gift for a talented child who is always drawing the samw could frame the childs photo and give it together as a 'boxed set' with a personlized stuffy from you...

UglyPrettyThings said...

such a good idea. i am so inspired by children's drawings. I'm doing a paper on children's art right now and my store that I work at, Anthropologie sells these plush toys that are created based on children's drawings from villiages in africa it's really fun and interesting!

Claire said...

Dwight is awesome!

UglyPrettyThings said...

I love him too! Someone just bought him this morning I was super excited.


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