Wednesday, March 12, 2008

portland, humming bird & new friends!

hello friends! i feel like i've just pulled myself up and out of a painting & knitting abyss and oh! what is that? why, it's the light of day! i've been so swamped with orders and barely able to keep my shop in good working condition, but i stayed up late last night and photographed every thing, stitched every last little stitch and lived to tell about it! so, here's a few of the new Knitimals (top pic) and a shot of the

Hummingbird Knitimal i just finished (my favorite commission to date!)... i still want to keep him. but, he's off to warmer and sunnier, california pastures... i know he'll be quite content!

and, as if to reward me for all my patient and diligent artmaking, what should arrive on my doorstep yesterday?! my swap plush!!! made with loads of love by mayabella, my sweet new friends showed up and moved right in. now, while i love them both, i find myself particularly partial to the little corduroy cutie (shannon, what are the odds of commissioning an oh so much larger owl friend?). whatta pair! thanks so much!!!
so the only question i have left is... when are we all swapping again!?
happy plushing everybody! xoxo, danamarie & the knitimals™


MayaBella said...

Oh I am so happy you liked them! I was a bit tardy is sending them out but so happy they made their way home. I would love to do a larger owl for you. I actually have made a few for a local shop and they are super cute! I love that tan corduroy. Convo if you want me to get one whipped up for ya!

UglyPrettyThings said...

I love the noses on your knitted guys. so cute


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