Saturday, March 1, 2008

Swap item

I sent my swappie item out on Monday the 25th. I hope it gets there; it sure has a long way to go. In a complete coincidence, I lived in the home country of the recipient for awhile in 1993 and speak the language (very badly). Can anyone guess where it's going? (The picture is of number 1 made in the fall; the recipient is getting number 2 of 3 ever made! The one sent is a bit less chubby.)


Tizzalicious said...

Cute mushroom!

Aloutka said...

Is it going to Romania? :) I wonder if large fangs have anything to do with the country of recipient, hehe

Aloutka said...

hahahah - it's funny coincidence that I comment this plush of yours, isn't it? It get me today - the box waas destroyed but the muchomorek poisonous muchroom is fine - and very funny, thank you!

Aloutka said...

And yes, my family wanted me to say - your letter was as cute and they enjoyed it very much (I shared it :) )


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