Friday, April 4, 2008

Beaulah Beekman

Beaulah Beekman, originally uploaded by qdpatooties.

I just finished up this little Elephant yesterday afternoon. Beaulah measures approximately 5 inches, is 4-way jointed, has olive green glass eyes, is made from burgundy and gold hand-dyed mohair, has a wired trunk for poseability, has ears lined in a coordinating cotton, and wears a felt hat accented with embroidery and a flower.


Beeper Bebe said...

could I love this anymore? I am sick with adoration.

MayaBella said...

She is such a sweetie. I love her little hat.

jillytacy said...

I love Beaulah! She's a sweet little gal. Just so cute! She reminds me a bit of Big Bird's friend Snuffy. Of course she's much smaller and obviously better at accessorizing. I love the hat. What a great plush!


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