Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Cramming for Crammed Organisms!

I was up till 3 AM last night studying for a final and finishing these winged lovelies. They took so much longer than I expected but they are off now to their new land. their names are Quill, Twink, Sebastian, and Dante from left to right. I made fun bendable wings for them that they have grown to enjoy.

This is their story that I sent with them:
It was a cold night on the planet of Zerump and the monsters decided to gather in the forest to build a fire and keep warm. During the Winter, the nights were so cold and fires became their only escape. Plus it gave them an excuse to reminisce and dance their favorite moves.
When all the monsters had gathered, they were sent out into the woods to gather fallen branches for their fire. The four youngest monsters, Dante, Twink, Sebastian, and Quill decided to go into a part of the forest that no monster had ever gone before. Dante said that the best sticks would be down there...and he was right! They came to an opening that was piled high with old sticks and they began to snatch them up. Someone else was there too. A mischievous fairy with golden eyes watched from behind a tree. She collected those branches for her winter fires, and was not about to let some baby monsters carry them off. She decided to cast a spell.
As the monsters climbed the wood pile they suddenly felt very strange. There was a tingling in their backs. They tried to ignore it. But as they neared to top and began to reach for a branch they were all thrown off the pile and carried to separate corners of the opening. They looked around at each other in amazement. They had all sprouted colorful wings, flapping on their own. They all screamed and went running back to the other monsters.
To this day they are the only Zerump monsters affected by the fairy's wing spell. They warn others over camp fire discussions and burnt marshmallows not to trespass in fairy lands. They listen.

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