Saturday, April 5, 2008

Dance Troop Monsters

These little fellows are some of my most recent Whimsy Patch additions. They are actually Friendly Letter Monsters who travel in packs and spell children's names. This troop spells the name of a wee chap named Sawyer and they also have the fine distinction of being a dance troop. They love popping, Michael Jackson's style (though not his reputation...) and flashing their new styling moves. Imagine these little fellows taking the dance floor:) They are also big fans of playing Settlers of Catan when they are not dancing and they always eat cupcakes--preferably with sprinkles--when playing. Check out my blog at to read each monster's story:0)


dredredoll said...

cute idea!

Kimmie.K said...

Thank you! I actually made the first set when I knew I wanted to make something with monsters but personalized. The idea took off from there:)


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