Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Digby + Sunshine Squidling

Yay! Yay for being snapped out of a month (at least) long fog and feeling motivated to sew again :)

More new stuff on my flickr that you may not have seen.



dredredoll said...

I love you style! Checking out your sites. You are a very busy woman, yes? How long have you been making plush?

Danielleorama said...

Thank you!

I hand sewed a few of my husband's characters for him back in 2003-04? I enjoyed it but didn't think much of it. In august 2006 I started up again playing with felt and then started using the sewing machine I'd had for a year (sitting in the box) then moved on to fleece<3 So i guess the answer is a little over a year and a half.

I longed for a creative outlet that would be fulfilling and that I could actually be good at for a long time. I never would have guessed it would be sewing toys!

jenni said...

So. Cute! Love the little squid!

Hollywood said...

Seconds to that - the squid is a delight!

Claire said...

Oh, I adore the little fellow on the top of your post! Lovely work as always, Danielle!


WOW that squid is amazing. and i always love your poilou's (however you spell that) DANIELLEORAMAFOREVER


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