Friday, April 11, 2008

Elephants! Owls!

Oh I love the elephant influx over the last few days on this blog! I found some checkered fabric a few weeks back and made a nice bunny plushie with it. Now I've made an elephant too. He looks a lot like Elmer the Patchwork elephant! I've made some owls in the same fabric. I always handstitch, but I feel I'm ready for a machine now. Any suggestions out there? What is a good sewing machine for beginners like me? It needs to be quite portable, light and have a cover too.

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dredredoll said...

I just received a serger sewing machine as a gift and I'm a little afraid of it. It has sooo many functions. Once I get the damn thing threaded I'll be ready to test her out. I would suggest something simpler.


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