Thursday, April 24, 2008

Favorite Color Swap from Effunia

My swap arrived today! Well, actually two days ago, but I was unable to get to the post office to pick up the package until today--such torture! I was so excited about this package that I ripped it open on the way home. I was beyond thrilled to discover that Eva of Effunia (whose work I've admired for some time now) had sent me Sky the Rabbit!

Sky came with a cute note explaining that "he's a very friendly creature who likes to save snails and earthworms when he sees them on his path. And he loves nothing more than sticking up his little nose in the air and taking in his surroundings. He makes a loyal friend."

Indeed he does; he's already cozied up to San, the alpha dog in my little pack:
I heart Sky the Rabbit a ton. Thanks, Effunia!


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