Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I am having a blast over here looking at everyones crammed organisms entries.
If youre in it and you havent posted them yet... post them please!!!

I got accepted into crammed organisms, too. And at the thought of the chance of being in a book, and the fact that they said "minimum of 4 pieces", I overacheived a lot.

I made 12.
Here they are!!! :D
Brunswick Burnsides & Furgus F. Fuzzelburg. They have fuzzy bits on the ends of their tails, too.

My Little Monster: Weeko, modeled by boyfriend. :D


And four 90s rapper bears...!


Bear. B. Fresh

Notorious B.E.A.R.

And my favorite... the Fresh Prince of Bear-air

Love & a Sandwich


Anonymous said...

Wow - amazing, amazing work! So inspiring!

Jessica @ Crabtree Studio said...

These are so great! I LOVE your monsters--especially the yetis!

Absolutely Small said...

Wow! Absolutely wonderful work!

Daniel Allyn Lee said...

Boss!! I'm glad I you sent more than 4. I sent 12 too. :) I love your colors. I adore that awesome boom box and the wicked flat-top on the fresh prince bear.

Hollywood said...

The bear butts are awesome! I wish I had twelve pieces to submit.

Shannon of MayaBella said...

Love the new bears! and the Yeti butt cheeks are awesome!


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