Saturday, April 5, 2008

Merfolk in the sea

Did you ever find true love beneath the waves, twice at the same time? Here's Mermarvin and Merlinda the mutant merfolk swimming in the deep blue sea. You can meet them at the PLUSH show tonight in New Haven Connecticut. You can also meet me there and I can meet you too!
More info about the show here:

I really enjoy sewing with these rubbery doll faces but my thumb is always crying afterward. My thimble never wants to stay on and then it tries to roll away and hide under scraps of fur. I have to try hard to remember to keep putting it back on. Do they have dentu-creme for thimbles?

Love, Jenny


q.D.paToOtieS said...

They are really cool. And what a great way to use those doll faces!

Stacey said...

Those are totally cool and so colorful! I feel for you though, with your poor thumb. Why can't someone invent a better thimble? Maybe something like a pair of surgical gloves with thimbles sewn in! LOL

jenni said...

Those are awesome!

Have you tried putting on a band-aid over your finger and then putting on the thimble? The band-aid is bulky (fold over the tip, not wrap around) and might help the thimble "stick" to the band-aid.

I use the cheap generic really plasticky kind, not the really nice fabricky kind. Or you could try cutting off the tip of a rubber glove and putting on your finger, then the thimble for the same type of traction, maybe?


AHHHHH NO NO NO NO NO I used to live in Connecticut. GOD i want one of those mermutants SO BAD.

ps. how did you do the faux fur like that? did it come in spots or did you sew the spots on?


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