Wednesday, April 9, 2008

A Pachyderm Introduction

Hello everyone! This is Amy, the other half of Crabtree Studio (Jessica's already introduced herself and started posting).

Before Jessica and I started our craft business, I was making bags, purses, and totes:
But when Jessica and I started crafting together, it wasn't long before I got the plushie bug too. Alpacas first, then penguins, elephants, and so much more... it was contagious! I couldn't stop. Of all the animals I make, however, the elephants are my favorite:

They are fully jointed (neck, arms, and legs) and made of faux suede, with acrylic safety eyes and alpaca yarn tails. Big ones. Little ones. Mamas, papas, babies, and grandpa elephants. At first, they simply had jaunty little scarves, or maybe a blanket for the little ones. But it wasn't long before I was knitting sweaters for them, and then sewing up dresses and coats:

They are so much fun; I just love my pachyderms! They've really started taking on a life of their own.


Beeper Bebe said...

I love your elephants! I bought one over a year ago at No has a a little baby elephant...and my little boy adores it...such beautiful work!

jenni said...

Love the elephants! And I love the photos of them, too!

Penguin & Fish said...

Love them! nice work.

Eva said...

I love them too!!! definitely on my wishlist of things to get :)

The Needle said...

Very cute! Love the bottom photo esp.
And welcome to The Needle!


Thank you everyone! And Beeper Bebe - That is so sweet! I'm glad your little guy likes it!


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