Monday, May 12, 2008

Greetings From the King Kongery!

Hi hi, Vickangaroo of the King Kongery here.

Haha, well! I actually asked to join The a month ago? And I haven't posted anything until today! Crazy right? I hit a bit of a creative.... road bump? And I've been keeping pretty quiet since.

Thaddeus Roundbottom

Honus Roundbottom

Jupiter Roundbottom

I also actually finished these Roundbottoms about a month ago but only now sharing them. I do like them so I'm sure you'll probably see more like them in the future, slightly redesigned perhaps...

You can read more about these three (unless you're in the future and they're not there...) at

Though this doesn't mean that the King Kongery is back just yet. The blog and etsy shop are still fairly quiet at the moment... at the moment....

1 comment:

banananuthead said...

Jupiter Roundbottom is the best!! I love him! I don't see him on your etsy, but I will fav you because your other stuff is cute too!


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