Wednesday, May 14, 2008

i love my new friend!

oh the anticipation... when you're waiting for your swap partner to send you something wonderful in the mail. add to that, the fact that i have been wanting a special something from redmag for some time now... then, imagine my happy dance when i spied a puffy envelope from australia in my mailbox! thank you SO much for my new Koala friend. he's got the sweetest little belly and i love his big blinky eyes! and look how happy he is with the Knitimals! what a fabulous swap this was.... i'm ready for another whenever you guys are!! xoxo, danamarie

1 comment:

redmag said...

I'm so glad you liked him!
I'm glad he's getting along with the knitimals!! I love them all myself and would happily trade places
x R


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