Thursday, August 28, 2008

16 days until the Plush team invades Renegade Chicago!

16 days and counting!! Woohoo! today I'm featuring 2 west coast Plush, they won't be at Chicago in person, but their plushies will be there!!

SCL Studio is located in Redmond, WA, outside Seattle. Most people know it as the home of Microsoft...She's a Mac user, so it's entirely unimpressive to her. SLC Studio is the home of silly little creations. She makes fun stuff out of fleece, felt, and other materials, paper, magnets, and sometimes glass beads.

Zfla creates out of Los Angeles, Ca. Check out all of the one of kind plushies made from recycled materials! When not crafting animals from recycled materials, Zazu Faure is a Los Angeles based designer focusing on residential remodels which make the best use of the pre-existing conditions--practicing architecture with a lower case "a."

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pungsnotded said...

Yay they are so cute! And double-yay for recycling! :)


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