Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Another burlesque girl

Please welcome to the stage, Miss Suga D'Flirt!

Ladies and gentlemen, roll up, roll up to see the flirtatious and delectable, the sassy, saucy, sexy siren herself, Suga D'Flirt! She'll warm your heart and tingle your bones, she'll hipnotize and heal with her twirlin' tassels and swingin' hips! Come one, come all, you wont wanna miss this Miss!

Suga is dressed in thigh high light pink fishnets and the sauciest pink frilly knickers you ever will see. Who knows if the collar matches the cuffs, but her bright pink hair certainly matches her shoes and tassels! She wears a half sized top hat and, like all good burlesque per
formers, huge false eyelashes frame her saucy wink.

I love Suga. She's one of my favourites. I love her real shaped boobs. I had the idea of a tassel twirling doll since I started, but I needed to perfect boobs first. No point going to all the trouble of stockings, knickers, boots and the rest if her tassels twirled from a flat doll chest.


pungsnotded said...

This is just amazing! I have no idea how you could knit something this teensy-tiny, and you did such a great job!

Sayraphim said...

Thank you so much! She's not that small, around 20cm I think. 8 ply and 3mm needles is the secret ;)


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