Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A Big One!

I made a big monster today! My biggest yet. I am preparing monsters for a big show later this month at Kismet Gallery and I am a one person assembly line. I usually create all my monsters one at a time but I had to just go for it and cut all the legs in the socks, sew all the legs then stuff all the bodies then do the details. I have so much more I have to do but I took a break from the assembly line and made a new big monster today. I plan on making a few more big ones for the show as well.

Here is my display idea for the show, child like drawings intermixed with my monsters. I think it brings out their imaginative quality and their bright colors. What do you think?


Leeanna Butcher said...

These guys look great! I like the idea of having children's drawings of your guys up on the wall, very fun! That's one BIG monster... :D Good luck with the show.

Eva said...

I love that one! Looks so cuddly :D


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