Saturday, August 23, 2008

Maija the rag-elephant

Maija the rag-elephant

Meet Maija.
Maija likes to read really long books and to play with dolls. She gets colds easily, but she doesn't mind because blowing her nose makes such a great trumpeting sound!

Maija's outfitNekkid Maija

Maija is made from wool flannel and she's filled with rags and organic cotton batting. Her tail tassels are made from wool yarn.
She has tiny little button eyes and a shiny new plastic button for a belly button. Her trunk is filled with cotton batting and she has lovely blushy cheeks.
Maija is wearing a flowery pink cotton dress with big pockets and a navy blue cardigan knitted from cotton yarn with old plastic buttons. The dress closes in the back with a snap. She has a little cotton handkerchief made from Japanese fabric in her pocket. The hankie's edges have been treated with Fray Check.
Maija's cardigan was knitted by a very talented friend of mine, and I'm very thankful for her help, since whatever other skills I may have, knitting isn't one of them! :)

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Leeanna Butcher said...

She's so sweet. I love her little dress and cardi!


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