Tuesday, September 2, 2008

11 days until Renegade!!!

My does time fly! Renegade is getting closer and closer! Here are 2 more Plush teamers that will have plushies up for adoption at booth 70:

Fluffy Flowers creates out of Macon, GA, USA. What started out as a way to use up some spare bits of ill fitting clothing has turned into her plush passion. Each creature starts life in a craft room, born from piles of fur, fabric, and fluff. She strives for the smiling point with the making of each creature. If it makes her smile, then it’s come alive! She breaths further life into them with the telling of their stories. Each creature has its own unique story which is always fun and entertaining.

The Whimsy patch is a stay at home momma in Louisville, KY. Though She had been sewing off and on since the age of eight, She did not discover sewing as a true passion until after the birth of her first child. Desperate to find a pick up and put down craft, she fell into softie creation one quiet evening when seated at her mother's old Kenmore sewing machine.

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