Thursday, September 11, 2008

2 days to go!!!

So, I checked the weather forcast for Chicago this weekend, and on both days, they predicated a 100% chance of PLUSH!! Specifically, at booth 70! Here are 3 more awesome Plush Teamers whose plushies will be up for adoption!

Beetlegirldesigns is in Santa Cruz, Ca. She is presently devoted to the fiber arts, and exploring soft-sculpture in particular. All of her patterns are self-created, but some aspects are un-patterned, so each resulting beastie is unique. She is also attempting to use recycled or vintage fabrics whenever possible, all of which are pre-washed.

Siansbury is the alter-ego of UK artist Sian Hughes, established as a creative venture when a love of primates and colourful socks combined in a sock monkey explosion that demolished 90% of her house. Each monkey is unique and made to the highest standard, and each has its own distinct personality which is painstakingly matched to every monkey. Sianburys sock monkeys are therefore extremely collectible.

Kezzaroo is also overseas. Working in her Scottish studio come living room, her wearable plushies are largely inspired by music, movies, and a never ending imagination. With the emphasis on her extensive range of "Little People" her fan art has become well known in many nooks and crannies around the globe!

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