Tuesday, September 9, 2008

4 days until Renegade

I hope you are excited as I am for Renegade! Here are 3 Awesome Plush Teamers who's Plush will be available for adoption at booth 70 this weekend!

Absolutely Small resides in a teeny tiny town in the foothills of Northern California. All art, softies, and other creations are her original designs. How can you not love chicken pants!!! She also runs this collaborative plush blog, The Needle! How cool is that??

Samaria Project hails from the great state of Arizona. The items she makes are things that someone would normally pass up without another thought; a rock, an old shirt, or a pair of jeans. She loves the challenge of taking something and making it into something completely different and giving it a new life. According to her, everyone/everything deserves a chance at a new life...you never know, you could love it all over again.

Kivett-Studio is a self taught mixed media artist. her creativity thrives on experimentation so she loves to work in many different mediums. Her medium of choice has always been beads but lately she has been indulging in paper collage, a variety of fibers to make art dolls, softies and plushies. Ultimate satisfaction comes when she is able to incorporate all of these elements into her daily art routine.

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