Monday, September 8, 2008

5 days to go!!!

Wow! I can count the number of days remaining until Renegade Chicago on one hand!!! Woot! If you stop by the Plush team booth, you can rub elbows with FuzFrenzy, an awesome Plush Teamer, and fellow crocheter, and also adopt some of her cute creations! ^_^

Fuzfrenzy creates her little guys up in Mound, Minnesota. She latched onto fiber arts when she was taking a class in paper making & bookmaking in college. She dreamed of more fibers and started spinning yarn. Crocheting amigurumi creatures came about because of the amigurumi contest that Etsy had a couple of years ago. She still loves to make books, paper, and spin yarn, but her current focus is on amigurumi.

When she's not crocheting plushies, she writes and illustrates children's and young adult books! Wow she's busy! And check out her entry to the Plush Team Sept/Oct project in the post below - it's absolutely adorable!!!

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