Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A new book...starring plush!

Another one for the "plush creatures are slowly taking over the world" file...
A new book called The Woolyhoodwinks vs. The Dark Patch was sent to the Needle inboxes recently to review.

Here's the lowdown: The book is uber-charming. It's a mixture of plush & photoshop acting out the narrative. The design is just lovely. The creatures are designed by Jeff Root, and Scott Runcorn works on the illustration, too. It's written by Asa Sanchez and Phil Dumesnil.
In the book, the Woolyhoodwinks (often shortened to just "'Winks"- too cute!) try to rid their homeland of a mysterious dark patch that starts absorbing everything.
Did I mention how charming the whole book is?
The Woolyhoodwinks were created by Jeff Root. Here's his page:
If you'd like more information on the book, check out the Immedium page.

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Leeanna Butcher said...

It looks great! Love the Woolly Hoodwinks designs. :D


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